Between ‘me’ and ‘you’ – History series

‘The author does not so much remember the past as recast it, grasping and reshaping herself in the process.’

The use of multiple spaces, light, the photograph and text work together to evoke a sense of memory and time. The work has many complexities but because it is a singular proposition with complex layers it accumulates into something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Each image is a separate moment, a fragment of a story. We know the entire narrative through a single frame.

There is an emphasis on the trace, the mark made by the passage of one person through another person’s life, the gap between the self and the other, the space that exists between ‘me’ and ‘you’. We are made aware of the artists’ presence through her role as an onlooker in the scene, as a protagonist and at times the viewer watching and recording the scene she is witnessing. Rather like being in a dream, the artist/dreamer is both acting in and watching the action on the screen. It is the sensation of being both inside and outside thought, where things can unfold into one another like a double vision. We have a sense of being in two places at the same time, a space within a space, which collapses our understanding and thinking about time and disorientates us. Like a fleeting image on a cinema screen but slowed down as in a dream where things become quiet. The use of the power of light is key, as is shadow to emphasise memory’s place in the twilight between past and present.

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